This is so fucking weird. I was finally in bed after working graveyard and I was FINALLY falling asleep and I kept hearing noises and it sounded like someone was tapping on my window. I ignored it at first thinking it was the wind. Then the tapping became a bit more persistent so while half asleep I just tap on it myself cuz I got irritated (my bed is under my window) and it stops. Next thing I know the tapping turns into banging so I get up and pull the blinds but nothing is there.. absolutely nothing, just my backyard in its glory. And my parents are in the living room. I can’t sleep anymore and I’m still left wondering what that was all about. Some creepy shit… Damnit.

Currently at work busting a graveyard shift and I noticed if any of my co workers took a glance at my blog they would look at me much differently. I wouldn’t look so innocent and quiet any more lol.


White Dominos, Yellow Eagle, Bitcoin & Red Bugatti w/ 200mg MDMA


haven’t gloved in a long

No edit or filter, just an amazing winter’s afternoon spent chilling on my balcony