Anonymous asked: Are you into nerdy girls with glasses and High I.Q's?

Personality is the first thing i look for in a person. Sure, a girl with a High I.Q is pretty attractive but if we don’t click then it doesn’t matter. Glasses are a plus.. i find them to be kinky actually. Nerdy girls are the lowkey wild females anyway.. Only a fool would pass that up or one that is intimidated by a smart mind. To answer your question i am indeed into nerdy girls.. I don’t really have a ”Type” I look for a girl i can click with mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Any of those three is fine but if its all three then i know im lucky. It takes more than nice titties and a ass to keep a man I need a mental connection keep mine. Don’t get me wrong i love me a beautiful woman but im not going to keep her if she cant stimulate my mind. 

I must admit

i didn’t like the concept of the show ”The walking dead” then after years of debating with my friend ive come to the conclusion that it is in fact very entertaining when watched with an open mind. I need to stop analyzing shows the way i do. Im way to much of a judgmental person when it comes to tv shows. Starting on season 1 today. hmm. 

Leave tumblr for 1 hour and it turns into a porn site divided by pictures of kittens. Ill never understand my dashboard.. 

this show is turning out to be so damn suspenseful im definitely looking forward for episode 6! 

Qontinent Festival 2012
Fucking sexy.